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Geostone is an international company of Georgian origin and a reference in the Natural Stone sector. The company was founded in 2016 and has undergone progressive growth and strong international expansion, contributing innovation and technology to the industry.
We have our own quarries of Basalt, Granite, and Marble. The main objective of the company is to develop the Georgian Stone industry and bring the attention of quality commercial and residential projects across the globe towards local Georgian stone and equipping our Factories with high standard imported machinery to reduce processing costs and improve the quality of production. Geostone proudly presents itself as the First and only exclusive company in Georgia to have a Georgian Marble Quarry License and introduce Georgian Marble extracted in the Lopota region of Telavi with its two selections – White & Black.
With the proper strategies and action plans, this industry can be developed and able to create benefit not only economically, but socially as restoring past traditions and “The culture of stone” in Georgia. Our factory is equipped with state-of-art Imported Italian machinery and equipment for the production of high-quality tiles of different finishes and designs.
Our main focus is to replace Low-Quality Marble imports from neighboring countries and with pride provide with citizens of Georgia high-quality Georgian Marble at the same price as Imports. This marble represents a big industrial interest as it resembles the same aesthetic quality as the world-famous Carrara Marble from Italy.
Geostone is also the premier custom Waterjet design and fabrication company in the country and our main philosophy is to develop the Georgian stone industry and bring the attention of quality commercial and residential projects across the globe.


“Geostone has supplied stone for some of the most prestigious and ambitious architectural endeavours across Georgia”


“ჯეოსთოუნმა მოამარაგა ქვებით რამოდენიმე ყველა პრესტიჟულ და გრანდიოზულ არქიტექტურული საწარმოები”


To help meet our daily production targets and the stringent quality standards of international markets, we have imported all machinery at our plant from Italy.

Pedrini Block cutter

GMM Tria Bridge Saw

Pellegrini Monowire

Polishing Machine

Waterjet Machine

CNC Machine

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Transforming raw stone into architectural elegance. Taking your vision from concept to reality with our state of the art CNC technology and Waterjet cutting.
This equipment allows for efficient production of precision cut architectural elements.

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